Want to learn How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Blog Post?

Previously, I taught you How to Use ShareASale Affiliate Program. This post showed you how to sign-up for ShareASale, how to apply for affiliate programs, and how to add links and banners.

There have been questions on what’s next after you have been approved with ShareASale’s Affiliate Programs?

Follow along below as I teach you where to find affiliate links in ShareASale, where to place the affiliate links on your website and where to find out when someone has clicked or purchased through my links?

How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Blog Post

Where do I find my affiliate links in ShareASale?

Click on the Links tab then select Get a link/banner.

ShareASale - Links Banner

This will take you to a list of all the merchants you are an approved affiliate for.

Beside each of your merchants, there will be a Get Links button. Click on the affiliate you would like to find a banner or link for.

ShareASale - Merchant Links

Here you will see a slider across the top of the page showing you the Merchant Name, along with the type of links available.

ShareASale Affiliate Links

Text Links

Text Links are ready-to-use text that you can simply copy the HTML and paste it into a post or any page of your website. It’s a great call to action if you need that.

ShareASale Text Links

On the right-hand side, click Get HTML Code.

A pop-up will appear where you can select this HTML code and paste it to your website.
Scroll down further to learn how to do this.ShareASale Get HTML Code


Banners will give you an array of options and sizes to choose from your specific merchant. Most bloggers will place these on their sidebar or within a blog post.

ShareASale Banners

I love banners because you can search based on size (pixels) and it will populate banners to choose from.

This also gives you a nice visual aspect if you have too much text within a blog post.

Create Custom Link

Create Custom Link allows you the option to browse the website you are an affiliate for and find specific pages or products you would like to link to. This saves the person time in looking for a specific page or product by bringing them directly where you want them to go.

ShareASale Create Custom Link

  1. Find the website page you want to link to (this might be a specific product or sign-up page)
  2. Copy the URL
  3. Paste the URL in the Custom Link Generator
  4. Click ‘Create Custom Link’ button

ShareASale Your Custom Link

The image above will show up where it provides you the option to Add a Tracking Value.

I highly suggest using this as it will give you insight on where sales are coming from. Name it your blog post or something to clearly identify the link.

How do I place the affiliate links on my website?

Now that you have found your link on ShareASale or any affiliate program, you want to learn how to place this affiliate link onto your website.

Affiliate Links within a Blog Post

Head to the blog post you want to place your affiliate link on.

  1. Copy the URL link from ShareASale or your affiliate program.
  2. Highlight the text you would like to link within your blog post
  3. Click the Insert/Edit Link Button (Control + K)
  4. Paste your URL into this field, click the blue arrow to apply.

Affiliate Links within a Widget

In your WordPress website, hover over Appearance and click on Widgets.

Wordpress Widgets

On the right-hand side, you should see widget options. This will vary based on your WordPress Theme.

Woedpress Widgets 2

Click on the widget you want to add your banner to. For me, most of my widgets are in the Right Widget.

Wordpress Widget3

On the left-hand side, you will see a list of available widgets. Find the Custom HTML widget.

You can drag it over to your Right Widget or click it and choose the widget you would like it to go to.

Wordpress Widget4

You can add a Title if you like. This will show as the text above your banner.

Paste your URL into the Content Section

Wordpress Widget5

There is a little yellow exclamation point showing that I need to add an alt attribute to the image.

To do this, find the point after the text .png” and enter a space and type alt=”Your Banner Name”

Wordpress Widget6

Once you have added your alt attribute, click Save and this will apply to your website.

If you refresh your website, the widget will now show where you placed it. If you click on the banner, your affiliate link should work correctly.

How will I know when someone has clicked or purchased through my links?

The great thing about ShareASale is that they will email you a notification if someone purchases through your affiliate link.

Trust me, you will get so excited, even if it’s just $1.00!

If you are like me and want to look into a bit more detail of purchases, you can go into ShareASale and click on their Reports, then Activity Details.

ShareASale Reports

There are a variety of reports you can choose from to see traffics, unique hits, clicks, sales and more.