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Are you looking for baby toys that your little one will actually play with?

This is the ultimate list of toys that our daughters use with my honest opinion of what they loved most about each.

Are you looking for toys that your baby will actually play with? I've compiled a list of toys that our daughters used and describe what they most loved about them (my honest insights).

Best Baby Toys: Newborn to 1 Year

1. Vtech Busy Learners Activity Cube: This is a new gift that our 6 month old loves. Each side is different with something for her to touch with musical or moving elements.

2. Oball Classic Bendable Toy Ball or Oball Kids II Rainstick Rattle: Our oldest LOVED this toy as a baby. The holes in the ball made it easy to grab. It’s super flexible and soft if it does end up their mouth.

3. Vtech Musical Rhymes Book: Music and lights, what more can a little one like? This book sings different nursery rhymes and there are buttons to push for music.

4. B. Funkeys: We ordered this for our 6 month old for Christmas but when we received it realized the age says 18 months and up. The buttons are fun to press with real like car sounds and it has a little flashlight.

5. Oball Clickity Twist Toy: Another easy to grab toy which goes right in our daughters mouth because she is teething right now. It rotates and clicks (as the name suggests) and she plays with this one quite a bit.

6. Sophie the Giraffe: This ‘natural’ product seems to be a favourite among moms. Both daughters loved the squeaking noise it makes although I found neither of them used it much as a teething toy.

7. Big Board First 100 Words: One of my favourite books for the girls when we started reading to each of them at 4 months. It’s a great book to keep them engaged as they have to flip pictures over to see what’s underneath.

8 Rainfall Rattle: If you want to get your baby to stop crying immediately, this toy works like a charm. I don’t know why or what amuses them about this rattle, but it just works.

9. V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker:  I love the versatility and how you can just lay the board on the ground. She can lay on her stomach, press buttons and it will light up and play songs or noises.

10. Nuby 10 Piece Bath Squirter: We used these squeeze toys in swim lessons and then purchased them for our daughter for the bathtub. They are colourful and keep her entertained.

11.Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack Toy: At 4 months and up, I find the top ring is the most entertaining because of its rattle. As they get a bit older, they can start stacking the rings as another activity all together.

12. Nuby Playlinks Teether: Super cheap and easy to bring when you are on the go. These play links are attached to the handle of my daughters car seat. She likes hitting them around and chewing on them.

13.Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: A musical toy that was gifted to us and I wasn’t sure how long it would stay in the house. This ended up being a favourite with our girls with all the songs and lights.

14.The First Years Massaging Teether: Now this is a neat toy – the yellow star is great to chew on, but if they chew hard enough it vibrates in their mouth. Cool right? Plus there is a rattle on the opposite end.

15.Fisher-Price Stackin Sounds Animal Toy: Three cute little rattles with different noises, this set will keep your little one entertained and when they are older they can use it as a musical instrument.

16. Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toys: A rattle on one end and a soft fabric on the other. My daughter uses the soft end to chew on right now. I find this rattle easy to grab and she is playing daily with it.