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Christmas is my favourite time of year.

My toddler has been asking me the past month when she can see Santa Claus and when we are getting a tree!?!  I know for some it may be a busy time of year, trying to figure out what gift to get your little one that’s unique and different from the rest.

As a parent, I know how frustrating it is to buy a gift, only to find out that they played with it for a few minutes and that toy is never to be used again.

This is why I’ve created the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddler Girls. Based on what my daughter plays with and what she has asked from the jolly big guy.

These gifts are affordable too, ranging from $5 to $50 (most just under $25). I hope this list helps you find that special gift for your little one!

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1. Radio Flyer My 1st Wagon:This is a kids sized wagon and such a fun gift. They can throw in toys and take them around for a walk or just play with it in the house.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Bubble Bath: Perfect to encourage the kids to get in the tub (if they are refusing to bath) or just to make it extra fun.

3. Kids Indoor Princess Play Tent: We build a lot of forts in our house so this is a perfect alternative to play time.

4. LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register: This cash register taught my daughter to count. It sings a few songs, you can press buttons for grocery items, press a button to scan items and put coins in the cash register. My 1 year old has started playing with it and loves it as well.

5. Little People Disney Princess Magical Wand Palace: We are currently in the princess stage in the house, so of course this one is a favourite.

6. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Lacing Beads: I always like to add some learning toys to the mix and this is great for their fine motor skills. Toddlers can lace the 27 different  beads onto the strings provided.

7. Chef Set for Kids Cooking Play Set with Apron: Cooking and baking is something I like to keep my daughter involved with so we have purchased different sets over the years to make it fun.  This set is perfect is a perfect starter kit.

8. Peppa Pig Toothbrush Set: Great stocking stuffer or just a gift in general. I find any gifts with their favourite cartoon character are usually a hit.

9. Barbie Glam Convertible: Our neighbour let my daughter borrow this and she loved it. Opening and closing doors, putting the barbies in and out of the car and storing things in the back seat.

10. Playfoam: This is a super fun alternative to play doh. We would hide a bunch of smaller figures in the playfoam and our daughter would pull apart the foam to find them.

11. My Little Pony Collection: Ponies are so much fun for little girls to play with.

12. Crayola Washable Markers: The key here is washable. My daughter loves to color, but I always want to ensure she is using washable marker for obvious reasons.

13. Fisher Price Little People Caring for Animals Farm: This farm makes noises, you can move the animals around, press buttons, ring bells and more! We have the older version of the farm but the girls love it.

14. Just Play Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctor’s Bag Set: My daughter saw one episode of Doc McStuffins and was hooked. Anything doctor related she thinks of this show.

15. Crayola Color Bath Dropz: Drop one of these tablets into the tub and the water changes colour. I wasn’t sure about them at first, but they don’t stain the tub and its something to keep them busy.

16. 80 pc Mega Bloks Bag: As basic as this gift may seem, toddlers love blocks and can play with them for some time. Even my 1 year old joins in when we pull these out.

17. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes: Be warned, this song will get stuck in your head, although it’s such a catchy book with a really good message it doesn’t matter.

18. Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle: We have 2 of these water bottles for each kid! Needless to say that we love them. They have a straw, don’t spill super easy, plus you can take it apart and just throw it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The link offers a bunch of different characters on the water bottles, although Paw Patrol is a favourite in our household.

19. Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection: Toddlers love play-doh…there I said it. We go through a lot in our household so it’s great to buy the value packs. It’s also great as a stocking stuffer.

20. Let’s Go Fishin’ Board Game: I remember this game as a kid and absolutely loved it. The fish open and close their mouths and your goal is to catch as many as you can with your fishing rod.

21. Slime Kit: It’s messy but fun, plus the kids love it. Every time we go to a dollar store, she wants slime.

22. Barbie Glitz Doll: This is great for girls to play with and dress up and this gift won’t break the bank. Also fun if you have the barbie car.